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Feb. 7 Is the Abstract Submission Deadline for Research Day 2020


2019 University Research Day

The fourth annual Catholic University Research Day was held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

This year’s Research Day marked the largest turnout and participation in the event’s history, with a record 358 submitted proposals, 85 oral presentations, 149 posters, five interactive displays, and several musical performances.

The day began at with opening remarks and a keynote address in the newly renovated Della Ratta Auditorium in Maloney Hall. University President John Garvey delivered welcoming remarks. Presenting the keynote address was Ann Corsi, associate professor of biology and associate dean of graduate programs and research in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Nine locations across campus simultaneously featured oral presentations from 9:45 a.m. until noon. Lunch and musical performances were scheduled from noon until 1:30 p.m. — with food trucks in the Mullen Library parking lot and music in the Pryzbyla Center lobby.

The poster session in the Pryzbyla Center ran from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.  Musical performances in Ward Hall also ran from 1:30 to 3:30.

The day concluded with a reception and awards ceremony beginning at 4 p.m. in Heritage Hall, which is in Father O'Connell Hall.

University Research Day celebrates intellectual curiosity across disciplines. Again this year, more than 250 graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff showcased their research. This is an annual event that brings students and faculty together to share their work and learn about the breadth of scholarly endeavors taking place beyond their own areas of study.

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2019 University Research Day

Research Day 2019 from Catholic University on Vimeo.


Why Participate?

Catholic University Research Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to practice preparing and presenting scholarly work to a general audience. There are awards for the best undergraduate, and graduate presentations.

Faculty and professional staff also share their work with a wide range of individuals, build a list of potential collaborators, and engage students to learn more about their work.

Who Can Participate?

Undergraduate students, graduate students, professional staff, and faculty who are current members of the Catholic University community are all welcome to participate.

All members of the University community are encouraged to attend any and all events taking place on Research Day. The Research Day Planning Committee welcomes volunteers to help with various roles for the event. If you wish to volunteer for the next Research Day, please contact Anita Shagnea (

Presentation Information

The main goal of the University Research Day is to excite others about your work and to expose your work to a wide audience. With these goals in mind, both oral and poster presentations should be designed for a general non-technical audience. The format for oral presentations should resemble a "TED Talk" in that they should be oriented towards helping individuals outside of your own discipline understand the importance of your work and its implications and applicability of to the CUA community and beyond.

Abstracts should be shorter than 500 words and should clearly describe the project that will be presented in language that is understandable to a non-technical audience unfamiliar with the subject area. It should represent the applicant's own work and the subject of a research project or ongoing research being conducted at The Catholic University of America. Abstracts should not be autobiographical, commercial, or promotional.

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2019 Research Day Award Winners

Oral Presentations


Gabriel Romito; Arts and Sciences (Greek and Latin), Unearthing Armenian Mythology
Paul Elizalde; Arts and Sciences (Biology), What’s Killing the Yeast? Learning about How Antidepressants Work Using Yeast Genetics 


David Friel; Theology and Religious Studies (Liturgical Studies) -- The Ritualization of Byzantine Symphonia in the Tenth-Century Book of Ceremonies


David Lechner; Engineering (Mechanical), Hybrid Acoustic Localization Methods to Track Migrating Whales in the Indian Ocean




Olivia Janney, Brad Lois, Jorge Gonzalez-Mier, Sepanta Khousnoud, Engineering (Civil), The Vepo Filter: Combating the Safe Water Crisis in Puerto Rico
Elizabeth Montagnino, Arts and Sciences (Chemistry), Multilinear Regression Analysis of Alkali Silicate Heritage Glass Degradation


Andrew Cunningham, Engineering (Mechanical), Acoustic Method for Defect Detection and Classification in Frescoes of the U.S. Capitol Building


Pooja Sharma, Arts and Sciences (Biology), Keratin 19 Regulate Cell Cycle Pathway to Promote Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cell

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