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Call for Abstracts for University Research Day

We are pleased to share some important information regarding the Catholic University’s third University Research Day (URD). The date for this year’s URD is Thursday April 19, 2018.
We encourage ALL members of the CUA community to submit applications to share your work with others. Research is a very broad term in this context and could include a paper you have written for a course, a project you worked on with a faculty member, a recent presentation you gave at a professional meeting, a dramatic or musical performance, or a display of art, or just about anything else that falls under “scholarly work.”

For those of you not familiar, URD is a day that faculty, staff, and students set aside to celebrate and learn about the exciting research that is taking place at Catholic University. Over the past two years, URD has showcased the work of more than 400 students, faculty, and staff. Presenters shared an incredible range of topics, including the development of the musical Hamilton, how galaxies develop their shape, the use of artificial intelligence in suicide prevention,  and how computer software programs can influence sharing of critical medical information.

For URD 2018, there are several new and exciting developments! We have opened a new forum for interactive research demonstrations. These presentations are designed for presenters whose research projects invite extensive audience participation, and can take a variety of formats including real-time experiments, architectural models, virtual reality displays, research games, debates, and more. We are also launching several new social media initiatives, under the hashtag #CUatResearchDay.
Key to the  day’s  success is that presenters address their topics to a general audience that is most likely unfamiliar with the subject matter. Well received presentations are those in which the scholar communicates the significance of the research to people from a variety of academic disciplines.

Abstracts: If you are interested in presenting a paper, poster, or interactive demonstration, please complete the abstract submission form. Abstracts must be received by January 26, 2018 to be considered. Submissions received after that date will not be guaranteed a placement.

Thank you very much. We look forward to another exciting University Research Day!

– The URD 2018 Planning Committee

Abstract Instructions

ALL abstracts must be written for a general audience and use non-technical and jargon-free language. If you are interested in presenting a paper or project, or presenting an artistic performance or project, please find additional information in the Presentation Guidelines section of this website BEFORE submitting your abstract.

Requirements: Abstracts must be no longer than 500 words and written in clear, non-technical language that is geared for a general audience who is not familiar with your work or your discipline.

Submission Deadline: Abstracts must be received by January 26 by 5 p.m. to be considered. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.

Abstract Submission Form