The Catholic University of America

2018 University Research Day Finalists

Oral Presentations


David Friel, Theology and Religious Studies, Mutuality and Male Headship: Evidence from Liturgical Rites of Marriage

Alfonso Lopez-Coral, Biology, A Paradoxical Role for MAL2 in Liver Cancer. Can MAL2 be “Bueno too”?

Rishabh Uniyal, Physics - Particle Physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and CUA High Energy Physics group’s role in the upcoming project at Compact Muon Solenoid detector (CMS) at the LHC.

Brian Carrier, Theology and Religious Studies, Earthquakes in Matthew's Gospel

Kevin Ball, Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures, Christian Scholarship in the Heart of the Medieval Islamic Empire

Van Lam, Biomedical Engineering, Investigating the effects of cytokeratin 19 on breast cancer cell morphology and drug response using telecentric digital holographic microscopy and machine learning

Ksenia Dombo, Bonnie McIntyre, Monica Patti, Megan Philippi, Semhar Stora, Sarah Oliphant, National Catholic School of Social Service, Student experiences in data collection: Understanding HIV/AIDS among Ethiopian immigrants in Washington, ?DC ?

Sara Taylor, National Catholic School of Social Service, Out on the Edge: An Evaluation of Stability and Social Integration Outcomes in Supported Housing


Emily McGuire, Business and Economics, Renewable Resources: The Energy of the Future

Matt Incao, Psychology, The Clinical Utility of Suicidal Typologies When Treating Suicidal Soldiers

Maribel Okiye, Chemistry, A Pathway to Drug Discovery: The Investigation of Cyclodipeptide Synthase Biosynthetic Gene Clusters

Robert Bonasia, Business and Economics, Trade-offs and Economic Theory in the Pharmaceutical Drug Market

Ethan Rudman, History, A Social Darwinist Business: The Corporatization of Charity in Carnegie’s Philanthropy

Natasha Wiltz, Philosophy, A New Interpretation of Plato's Myth of Er

James Convoy and Pasham Adwani, Electrical and Computer Science, Application of Graph Theory K Domination ?

Francesca Gualano, Arts and Sciences,  A Comparative Analysis of Neuromedicine Practice in the United States and Italy

Elizabeth Montagnino, Chemistry, The Dynamics of Glass Degradation: Preservation of Nineteenth Century Claude Laurent Glass Flutes

Allyson Zeitler, History, The Sanctuary Movement in Arizona: Civil Initiative and the Salvadoran Refugee Crisis, 1981- 1989

Jeanne Hathaway, Theology and Religious Studies, The Church Herself Is the Ultimate Feminist




Richard Trotta, Physics, Simulation for Pion and Kaon Structure Functions

Sarah Caro, Nursing, The Lived Experience of Alopecia Areata

Skarleth Motino, Physics, Exploring Local High-Redshift Analogs

Emily Fair, Psychology, The Physiology of Positive Risk-Taking

Christopher Rahimi, Biomedical Engineering, Pneumo-Bed: An Innovation for Pressure Ulcer Prevention


Sally Margarit, Nursing, Weighing in on Sugar: Home-prepared sugar sweetened beverages fed to infants and young children 4-24 months in peri-urban Lima, Peru: A Pilot Study

Caroline Hall, Psychology, Gender Differences in a Resilience-based Psycchotherapy Intervention

Colleen Regan, Biomedical Engineering, InflatoGlove: Developing a Haptic Feedback Mechanism for the NuGlove

Noor Aamer, Biomedical Engineering, Smart Toys that Assess Grasp Strength in Infants to Aid in the Diagnosis of Fine Motor Delays

Julianne Hyrcza, Education, Improving Writing Skills and Motivation in Grade 5 Students

Dante Nicotera, Biology, Genetic Analysis of a Molecular Gate in Sciences the Yeast Multidrug Transporter Pdr5 

Jenna Gietl, Mechanical Engineering, arChitectUral Acoustics