The Catholic University of America

2019 University Research Day Finalists

Oral Presentations


Lauren Huston; Columbus School of Law, The Next Frontier for Big Data: Dismantling Human Trafficking Networks?


Sarah Caro; Nursing, The Lived Experience of Alopecia Areata
Teresa Murray; National Catholic School of Social Service, Underreported and Overlooked: Military Sexual Assault Among Male Service Members
Le Hoang Phu Pham; Engineering (Mechanical), Re-creating the world of microbes – Dynamically interactive microenvironments constructed with fluitrodeposition in microfluidics


Kathryn Janae Carter; Arts and Sciences (History), Evolving First Lady: Mary Todd Lincoln’s Reputation from Her Lifetime to Now
Sean O'Grady; Arts and Sciences (Economics), Economic Effects of U.S. Military Veterans on Labor Markets (1945-Present)
Matthew Blanchard; Arts and Sciences (History and Classical Civilization), The Lararia of the Roman Empire: Examining the Daily Religious Experience of an Everyday Roman
Lauren Unsworth, Biology, Uncovering Personalized Medicine to Treat Liver Cancer Using the MAL2 Protein
Edward Logsdail (Mathematics), Christopher Le (Electrical Engineering), Edward Trudeau (Computer Science), Sparsh Goyal (Computer Science), Pasham Adwani (Computer Science) – A study of k-Domination in Generalized Fuzzy Graphs, A Study of k-Domination in Generalized Fuzzy Graphs



Sarah Raff, Arts & Sciences (Psychology),  Exuberance as a Predictor of Social Behavior, Externalizing Behavior and Executive Functioning in Middle Childhood
Katherine DeFonzo, Arts and Sciences (Library and Information Science), On the Acquisition of Antiquities: Ali Kurdi and the Cylinder Seal of the Catholic University Collection

Heather Watson, Nursing, Identifying Motivation Toward Healthy Behavior in Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women
Deanna Winters, Nursing, Lived Experience of Spiritual Well-Being from The Perspectives of Seasoned Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses - a Descriptive Phenomenological Study
Vy Bui, Engineering (Electrical), Machine Learning for Anatomical Structures Segmentation of Contrast-Enhanced Cardiac Computed Tomography Images
Genessey Flint, Arts and Sciences (Psychology), Exuberant and Inhibited Children: 54  Pathways Toward Social Competence in Middle Childhood


Kate Kerin, Arts and Sciences (Education), Improving Organization of Thoughts in Elementary School Writers
Pierre-Alexandre Le Ber, Arts and Sciences (Economics), Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends
Elizabeth Montagnino, Arts and Sciences (Chemistry), Multilinear Regression Analysis of Alkali Silicate Heritage Glass Degradation
Marie Erickson, Arts and Sciences (Education), Introducing English Language Learners to English Academic Discourses; Strategies in the Genre-Based Approach to Teaching Writing
Halle Green, Engineering (Mechanical), Novel vibration absorber for space payload
Donald La Haye, Engineering (Electrical and Computer Science), The Disaster Kit: A Product-Based Response to Hurricane Maria
Karina Bursch, Arts and Sciences (Biology), Keratin 19 Supports the Anchorage-Independent Growth of MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells
Samantha Calias, Arts and Sciences (Psychology), “It’s a mean toy!” The negative tendencies of a positive trait
Olivia Janney, Brad Lois, Jorge Gonzalez-Mier, Sepanta Khousnoud, Engineering (Civil), The Vepo Filter: Combating the Safe Water Crisis in Puerto Rico
Emmaline Nelsen; Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art, Homeworld